Call for Workshop of Theses and Dissertations

The Workshop of Theses and Dissertations (WTD) aims at motivating discussions about the graduate-level research on topics covered by SIBGRAPI among graduate students, recently graduated students, and senior researchers. Researchers who have recently concluded their graduate studies are cordially invited to submit a paper to the SIBGRAPI WTD.

Important Dates

July 4th Full Paper Submission Deadline
August 8th Notification of acceptance
August 2nd Camera-ready due
Warning! All deadlines expire at

Who can submit?

Students who defended their M.Sc or Ph.D. after 01/01/2015 and did not present their final work in previous editions of the SIBGRAPI WTD.

Selection criteria:

The WTD program committee will evaluate the submitted works with respect to the following criteria: originality, technical quality, contribution to the research area, and clarity of presentation.

Best work awards:

Awards for the best Ph.D. and M.Sc. works will be given based on the scores of the papers (submission system) and the opinion of a small committee that will evaluate the posters.
To be eligible for an award, the student must present the paper.
Ph.D. works must be presented in English. M.Sc. works may be presented in English or Portuguese, but English is preferable.

Submission Instructions:

Both M.Sc. and Ph.D. works must be written in English. The text should follow the SIBGRAPI formatting guidelines with the following adjustments:

  • The name of the authors should not be omitted, disregarding the requirement of anonymity for the articles. Students must appear as the first author and the advisor as the last author, with eventual co-advisors and other collaborators in the middle.
  • The articles are limited to 6 double-column pages.
  • The text should indicate, by a footnote on the first page, whether the work relates to a M.Sc. dissertation or a Ph.D. thesis.
  • Awards, patents, publications or possible distinctions achieved as a result of the M.Sc. dissertation or the Ph.D. thesis should be listed in the last section of the paper.

Papers should be submitted through the CMT system together with their respective M.Sc. dissertation or Ph.D. thesis in PDF file format. Accepted works must submit a camera-ready paper as well. Posters are to be printed in A1 format, portrait orientation.

Submission checklist:

  • SUBMISSION: 6 double-column pages article, M.Sc. dissertation or the Ph.D. thesis in PDF file format.
  • ACCEPTED WORKS: camera-ready paper.

Presentation guidelines:

ACCEPTED WORKS must be presented in the poster session (A1 format, portrait orientation).


Ricardo Farias Ricardo Farias (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

João Paulo Papa João Paulo Papa (São Paulo State University)



The Federal Government of Brazil
Brazilian Computer Society
Federal University of São Paulo
Dean Of Student Affairs of the Federal University of São Paulo
Brazil's National Institute for Space Research